Team Omega Pharma-Quick Step to be led by Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish left Team Sky as he thought he didn’t receive enough support at the Tour de France 2012 and joined Team Omega Pharma-Quick Step. This move is likely to be a successful one for Cavendish as Patrick Lefevere of Team Omega has recently stated that they have thought Cavendish to be the team leader at the 2013 Tour de France.

Cavendish expressed his dissatisfaction with the Team Sky after the 2012 Tour. Team Sky was too much focused on winning the overall position and that had cost Cavendish the green jersey. He couldn’t be able to defend it and since then he thought of leaving the team. He also said that he had no issues with Team Sky but if the team was a bit aggressive then he could’ve successfully defended his green jersey.

The 2011 UCI Road World Champion had an outstanding season in 2012 where he registered a number of victories as well as stage wins at the Tirreno-Adriatico, Giro d’Italia, Tour of Quatar, The French Grand Tour, Tour of Britain etc. Mark Cavendish also managed to get hold of the first place at the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne. He also bagged his maiden overall win at the 2012 Ster ZLM Toer.

Team Omega Pharma-Quick Step official Patrick Lefevere was super excited to have Cavendish in his team. He said that his team lacked a real sprinter and Cavendish is the guy! He also asserted that when he first saw Cavendish at the 2008 Giro he was surprised to see the courage in him. He took the full advantage of the situation that arose between Cavendish and his team at the 2012 Tour and immediately planned to sign him. While speaking, Patrick said that he wanted to have Mark Cavendish long before but it didn’t happen.

The Belgian team will give Cavendish full support in the 2013 Tour de France and it will be interesting to see what happens there.

Cavendish Blasts Critics of Cycling

English cyclist Mark Cavendish has blasted people who have started to label cycling as a sport for dope cheats in the wake of the US Anti Doping Agency’s investigation of the doping case of Lance Armstrong. The British rider mentioned that the skeptics who are criticizing the sport must remember that the sport and the doping measures have undergone a sea change since the period that the USADA is investigating in relation to the allegations of doping against the former seven time Tour de France champion.

He mentioned that it is known to all how cycling used to be as a sport in the past, and now, it is getting tarnished again because of something that happened way back in the past. He also let out his frustration on hearing questions regarding how the sport will move on from such a disaster and he added that the only answer to that question is the sport is moving forward in its own way, but the people are not letting it move forward.

He mentioned that there will be cynics and skeptics and there will come times when things from the past come up but it is definitely not fir on the riders that are competing now to take the blame for something that they did not have any hand in. he also blasted those people who don’t know anything about the sport but still say the cyclists inject something in their arm that makes them perform well compared to the others.

The governing body of international cycling, the UCI, has until the 31st of October to decide whether they want to uphold the ban that the USADA has imposed on Lance Armstrong after their findings and Cavendish believes that whatever is right should be done at this point in time for the sport.

Cavendish Ends Reign as World Champ

English cyclist Mark Cavendish ended his run as the cycling world champion with a gutsy performance that goes a long way in cementing his already immense reputation as a perfect team player in the Netherlands on Sunday, the 23rd of September. The Englishman pulled out of the running for the world championship after completing almost 140 km, during which, he had raced almost 10 km at the front of the peloton, despite knowing that he would not be able to retain the title.

And speaking to reporters after the event, the 27 year old admitted that the 140 km ride had taken a lot out of him, adding that he didn’t feel as tired as he was feeling at that time even after completing 250 km in 2011. Mark Cavendish had aided the push of fellow British rider and Team Sky team mate to help him secure the Tour de France title earlier in the year and he had no qualms about aiding fellow Britons Steve Cummings and Jonathan Locke last Sunday as well.

And in spite of surrendering his title, Cavendish managed to put on a smile on his last day as the world champion, officially. He added that with one minute to go before the start of the event, when everyone was at the starting line, he felt that he had just one minute remaining as the world champion.

Mark Cavendish admitted that he thoroughly cherished his time as the world champion, and he hailed his 15 wins in the jersey of a world champion as not too shabby. And having seen his status cemented as a team rider, Cavendish might be tempted to change teams next year and go for a team that will give him a better chance at securing his personal goals in the sport.