10 thoughts on “Mark Cavendish

  1. NassguI

    You douche bag……..are one fuscking sorry ass motherfuscker!!!

    He’s a great sportsman and it’s a once in a lifetime for people to meet a great athlete…..as he is..

    Or you rather see him with a two year ban? Obviously you are dumb ass. fusck head!

    You wankers are never happy. Damn twat.

    And as we say it in Spanish: Sos un gran pendejo!!!

  2. dgcorp

    What a Great morning 🙂 Thanks to the video maker for putting together a lovely reminder of this fantastic event. I make another passing appearance (yellow wheeled bike on rhs at 1:42) and am certain that this will be the only time in my life I’m just ahead of a pro biker 😉 Cheers all… D :>

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