25 thoughts on “Cavendish finds out about Mark Renshaw’s disqualification

  1. Spritsful

    the headbutting was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, it was the only thing he could do to avoid a crash from happening, the only problem mark did was the third and final headbutt which was not really needed

  2. Spritsful

    yes and no. yes he cut across him BUT watch the vid, he drifts to the left out of the way of the rest of the riders, not knowing that farrar was coming upbehind as soon as marks sees him he shifts out of the way. just an unfortunate situation for mark.

  3. chsspartan

    @TMccord eh it’s debateable- in slow mo you are able to see ferrar’s elbow stick out in front of renshaw and renshaw headbutts as both of them slowly begin to drift left as seen in the arial footage

  4. Raimon Trezevant

    Sprinting is aggressive, for all of you talking smack about renshaw and HTC, this is what they do. Ride over 150k just for success in last K, can’t let no one take your line. Point blank. That’s why climbers dot sprint, they don’t want to bump shoulders and so fourth.

  5. DerpSquadron

    aye, renshaw was in the wrong, but it didn’t help having julian dean trying to nudge him in the ribs first…

  6. gladtobeangry

    Cant stand HTC Columbia’s attitude to sprints anyway. They always hope to take out the competition in a dirty way. “Git outta ma way, or ill chugg ya.” Yeah get a grip guys, it’s cycling, not rugby.

  7. TMccord

    He wasn’t trying to run him into the barriers like Renshaw was. Dean was playing a little dirty by trying to block Cavendish and Renshaw from accelerating further. Like I said, Dean was in the wrong but Renshaw coming across Farrar is the bigger thing here. Renshaw shouldn’t have been kicked out of the tour, but some consequences should have taken place for both Dean and Renshaw

  8. TMccord

    True. Dean was in the wrong at the beginning and that’s how track riders react. That part I understand. But when Renshaw cuts across Farrar so close that Farrar has to put his arm out on Renshaw to keep from slamming into the barriers, is where it gets a little too dirty for me.

  9. iamiadam

    Watch the video again, Dean moves across Renshaw in the first instance, that’s the headbutts. Renshaw is the lead out man to Cavendish, He needs to take points off the other sprinters, hence why he moved across. Ok, this isn’t the best thing to do, and it is frowned upon, but no way should he of been d/qed. Relegated to last position in the stage, but not d/qed

  10. TMccord

    are you kidding me. watch the video again dumbass. renshaw completely cuts across farrar’s line, almost running him into the barriers. if you dont see that, then you are either fucking retarded or blind. renshaw was completely in the wrong in this situation

  11. instinctdonniedarko

    can someone write transcript of this video? I having hard time understanding what the hell Cav is talking…

  12. Andrew Somerville

    fuck of he is clean sprinter other guy came across blocked his line so he did same thing back.. what can’t handle a bit of aussie headbutting? get that shit up ya

  13. TMccord

    fuck mark renshaw. thats what you get for headbutting julian dean then blocking tyler farrar’s line. dipshit. and he said he was a clean sprinter. clean sprinter my ass.

  14. thexindustry81

    I’ll tell you who needs a headbutt, that fat ass commissar! He turns a blind eye to the elbow that Renshaw received then kicks him out because he doesn’t want a Brit (Cavendish) dominating the tour. Well too bad it happened anyways! Back to back champs elysees wins. Also looks like his gut is going to explode!

  15. MacTobey

    3 stage wins, getting closer to the green jersey and he showed yesterday that he can dominate the peloton in the sprint without renshaw, thats not what i´d call losing, mate!

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