Knocking three riders off their bikes, mark Cavendish caused a collision spree in the recent Olympic. During the final race in the competition, Cavendish knocked a South Korean rider off and still managed to win the silver medal.

The Italian cyclist Elia Viviani was involved in the horror clash, but proceeded to win the gold medal. After the event that had involved a crash that took out three cyclists, Cavendish was interviewed by BBC where joked;

“You’d be straight on for brad, wouldn’t they?”

Cavendish had bumped into Sanghoon Park and knocked him off his bike, but he himself had managed to stay on and ended the race with the silver medal. The other cyclists involved in the clash was gold medalist, Elia Viviani who came first in the overall classification and had repositioned his bike after the race to secure his gold, and Glen O’shea; an Australian rider.

Cavendish was not oblivious to the fact that the clash was his fault as he seems to have apologized to the Italian and accepted the blame. However, he received his silver medal and faced no penalty for his act. After the race, he went on to throw a shade at Bradley Wiggins, a fellow cyclist.

It was an indication that there was still a bit of resentment between the two as Cavendish believes Wiggins was responsible for making the decision that ultimately left him out for the team pursuit in Rio. He had returned to participate in team GB, believing that he had a serious chance of joining in, only to be informed at the training camp that he had been left out.

The silver medal comes as great relief to Cavendish seeing as this was his eight year of trying at the Olympic with absolutely no luck despite his hard work. Due to the crash, the race was paused for a short moment to enable medics convey Park safely to receive treatment.