Clasica de Almeria win for Cavendish

Mark Cavendish plunges into his 2015 victory. The season kicked off with a win which is great. He took the bunch sprint at the end which also marked his first win of the European tour. He won the Spanish race of 183.3 kilometres and he took a lead over Juan Jose Lobato and Mark Renshaw.

It is a signal that there is more to come from him and he has the spirits in him to make it work.

While giving an interview to the Cycling Weekly that he is motivated as before. For him 2014 was a challenging year. The season is going to run smooth for him in 2015 that is what is predicted by Manxman. His victory at the roads was heightened when he took stage wins of 25. His reign continued at the home tours. For him being part of Tour de France was an achievement in itself for him. His entire season was centred round Harrogate.

His shoulder got separated and surgery was required. Not much is left for him to achieve since he is getting older but all the acquisitions is worth his name in the sport of cycling. His focus is on the teams which are good at sprints. He keeps on motivating himself to perform at the highest level whenever he is down. Throngs of people come to watch the performance of the cyclists and that gives him a kick.