Mark Cavendish On Third Despite The Crash

In the Tour of Britain, Mark Cavendish and Marcel Kittel both triumph with Mark Cavendish finishing third. Not Tour de France but Tour of Britain and yet Kittel performs well. He is a powerhouse of Germany who leads the way.

He triumphed in the first stage of Tour de Britain itself. Completing an eight mile circuit he received the yellow jersey. Mark Cavendish in Yorkshire did hit the deck. Cavendish had a crash but this time it was not serious as the previous one. He did exceedingly well to take on after Kittel. It was rumoured that he had been to the hospital for check up but soon the rumours died down. According to Cavendish, alteration of the cleats in the initial moment of the stage took place. He was behind a car. Brakes slammed the car and there was an island to be found on the road. Cavendish turned left but bumped into another car. He came tumbling down on the road.

His quadriceps started to pain. He came back with one lap since the car of the team was no avail to him as it was in front. He was suffering in pain but then decided to sprint. Accidents are part and parcel of the game; it is just bad luck which causes accidents. The manager of the team stated that whatever he could see was in slow motion. But the real cause was that the riders took a toilet break and were returning to peloton. Chris Opie needed a change of wheel so the service was stopped. Cavendish could not find any place to go as he was on the bumper. Mirror of the left wing side was hit by Cavendish unfortunately. His leg was in total disaster as stated by him. The impact was huge but he managed to finish third.