Cavendish looking forward for the upcoming season

2013 was a prosperous year for both Mark Cavendish and his team as they successfully took the lead in Tour de France and maintained a time gap of almost four hours. Mark Cavendish has always tried to do something for the team and also for the fans. Although he has some plans to surprise the fans he has not let out the secret just yet.

The season of 2014 has not yet started and the fans are eager to know what it is that Cavendish is keeping away from them. He is one of the most versatile and knowledgeable riders in cycling and the records he has prove his knowledge about the game. In a recent press conference he was asked about the records he has achieved and the secret behind his achievements.

He said that hard work and proper focus is the main key to achieve anything and if anyone applies these two then they would be successful in any sport of life. His answer was cheered by everyone who was present there. He also said that in cycling one has to have a great mental strength as it involves travelling for miles and when you have to stretch it often becomes really difficult but that is the time when the mental strength is required the most.

Cavendish was also asked about his preparation for the upcoming season and how he would be planning his year ahead. He said that his prime focus currently is Giro d Italia and after that he would be concentrating on Tour de France. He has been one of the most successful riders in Tour de France having had red jerseys for five stages and also finishing in the first place one time. Rob Hayles his trainer and advisor said that he is happy with the training he is doing and hopes that Cavendish will be winning a lot this season.