Cavendish refused for track racing

Leading Brit rider Mark Cavendish has been reportedly refused to take part in track racing by Omega Pharma manager Patrick Lefevere. Mr. Lefevere felt that it’s necessary for the rider to focus primarily on road instead of track which might interfere with the rider’s hopes for 2016 Olympic medal.

Cavendish was keen on riding for GB Team as a part of Team-pursuit at Rio within 3 years’ timewhile the country is dreaming of gold at the Olympics. The esteemed rider took to track racing at Belgian International Open (Ghent) in September to score up sufficient UCI points to assure eligibility for the track events in future.

However, Lefevere made a clear declaration that from now on the rider would solely concentrate on road until his contract terminate with the team. “We are paying him to dazzle on road & he should concentrate completely on that”, stated the Omega Pharma manager.

The manager has restricted Cavendish from taking part at 6 Days of Ghent”, mostly out of injury fears. “A couple of riders faced a crash on the very 1st night at Ghent Six. What if Cavendish had been a rider among them?”, explained the team manager.  “Moreover track racing complicates prepping for next. I can allow track with Terpstra and Keisse but not when it comes to Mark. I am not saying that it’s never going to happen for him but not certainly this year and the coming one. We are paying Mark and I do not wish him on track. He has got ample scope to enjoy it with some other team.”

Cavendish has contended for GB Team at the last 2 Olympics but has been unable to grab a medal yet. Post winning 4 stages in Tour France 2008, he shortened his participation to prep up for Beijing Olympics.