Cavendish wins opening stage

Mark Cavendish, who is a part of the UCI ProTour Omega Pharma-Quick Step, recently won the Tour de San Luis’ opening stage which was held in Argentina.

Cavendish recently changed teams from Team Sky to Omega Pharma-Quick Step. This was his first appearance as a part of the UCI ProTour Omega Pharma-Quick Step and his first win of this year as well. Cavendish was not seen as a threat from the first 200 meters but then he picked up pace and stunned everybody by winning the opening stage.

Alberto Contador was also a part of the opening stage in the Tour de San Luis but he didn’t make it to the top list of winners.

Cavendish said that the last few kilometers were the most crucial and he had to push his personal limits. The other teams were also very much in form and everyone was trying to do his best in the last few kilometers and Cavendish said that the pressure had built up to a lot. Cavendish was noted saying that he took the jump and there was a lot of risk involved as there was some amount of wind which could have caused an accident if the move hadn’t been handled with expertise and care.

After his win, mark Cavendish said that it was a fresh start to the New Year and he feels “so good” to have made a winning start. He said that the bike was in top condition and his trainers had taken good care of him so he was full of energy even during the end.

On the recent note of Lance Armstrong’s confession of taking performance enhancing drugs, mark Cavendish said that he is deeply saddened as he has considered him as a friend. He also said that he had called him up several times for advice and that too, as it seems now, while was abusing drugs. At the wake of these findings, Cavendish says that he was with Armstrong during several of his winnings and knowing the truth behind his success really has shaken him up and he also added that lance has tainted this sport forever.