Cavendish Blasts Critics of Cycling

English cyclist Mark Cavendish has blasted people who have started to label cycling as a sport for dope cheats in the wake of the US Anti Doping Agency’s investigation of the doping case of Lance Armstrong. The British rider mentioned that the skeptics who are criticizing the sport must remember that the sport and the doping measures have undergone a sea change since the period that the USADA is investigating in relation to the allegations of doping against the former seven time Tour de France champion.

He mentioned that it is known to all how cycling used to be as a sport in the past, and now, it is getting tarnished again because of something that happened way back in the past. He also let out his frustration on hearing questions regarding how the sport will move on from such a disaster and he added that the only answer to that question is the sport is moving forward in its own way, but the people are not letting it move forward.

He mentioned that there will be cynics and skeptics and there will come times when things from the past come up but it is definitely not fir on the riders that are competing now to take the blame for something that they did not have any hand in. he also blasted those people who don’t know anything about the sport but still say the cyclists inject something in their arm that makes them perform well compared to the others.

The governing body of international cycling, the UCI, has until the 31st of October to decide whether they want to uphold the ban that the USADA has imposed on Lance Armstrong after their findings and Cavendish believes that whatever is right should be done at this point in time for the sport.