Good race for Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish rode just like a world champ in Giro d’Italia this year, including the final day time trial force to attempt to go in the top fifteen and get points. Mark gave his everything, but he could only come up fifty-fifth, well beyond points, hinting that he lost all the points to Joaquim Rodríguez only by 1 point.

Cavendish told that he knew it was not a possibility for top fifteen, but he could try it as well.  It is quite disappointing, as we sense like they have done all the things right for the jersey, but matters were out of their control.

Mark won three levels, but crashed 2 times in the very first week, 2 incidents which cost him a scope to get that points jersey. Rodríguez, on Saturday, swept the line 4th atop Passo dello Stelvio, getting enough points to grab the jersey, 139 – 138.

Unlike severals sprinters, Mark stayed in Giro from Milan, in partially to respect the rainbow as well as to go for the points jersey and to go with those he has won in Tour de France as well as in Vuelta a España.
Cavendish told that things that does not kill you, turn you into a stronger, but he think this Giro has quite killed him. He is dead. He is on his knees and hands. The Giro is the toughest grand tour in the planet. The Tour is quite different; it is the racing which makes it quite hard. The mountains, here,  are diabolical and it really kills you.