Cavendish wants Green & Gold

Fresh from his astonishing victory in the World Championships with Team GB, and with the memory of his numerous stage wins in the Tour de France this year (which also saw him take home the green jersey as top sprinter), Mark Cavendish could be forgiven if he just wanted to take a few months off.

Instead, whilst everyone else in the sport takes a break, Cav is back on the track and training hard to ensure that when next years Olympics come along, he is in the perfect position to capitalise.  He wants to win the Green Jersey again next year, and then run the res of the world ragged in the 250 km mens race for the Olympic Gold medal just two weeks later.  For anyone else it would be impossible, but for Cav…

“What happened between us post-Beijing was blown way out of proportion.  I was the only one who came home without a medal, but me and Brad… we’re like brothers. Sometimes brothers don’t talk to each other for a while, they might have a tiff.

“But we’re probably closer than ever now because we’ll be pushing each other to get results next year for Team Sky on the Tour de France, or Team GB at the Olympics.  I don’t think it’s too greedy to aim for Brad being on the podium in Paris in the same race as me winning another Green Jersey. T-Mobile did it in the nineties, and on paper Team Sky are stronger.”